Selecting component values for an instance

I’m just getting acquainted with Sketchup, so this is probably a basic question covered in the documentation, but I can’t find it.

I’ve created a Door component, and I want to be able to easily orient an instance of the Door after I create it. So my thought is to create an attribute called Orientation with drop-down values of N,E,S,W that correspond to 0,90,180,270. Then set RotZ to be “=Orientation”.

This works – but then when I create a new instance of Door, it uses the current value of Orientation.

So it seems that attributes are scoped to the component itself, not to an instance of the component. Is there a way to have attributes/values/something that are scoped to the instance?

Whew… that’s a lot of work for a fairly simple process. Have you been through the Fundamentals course on I would start there, then work through these processes. SketchUp does a lot of things differently from other software (read: simpler).

What you want to do can be done with an existing attribute called Glue To…

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