Select Tool lag issue on Windows 10

We’ve seen some issues on Windows 10 where recent updates are causing the Select tool to have some lag. We have a potential fix for SketchUp Pro 2018 (does not apply to 2017). Please download and run this script to apply the fix to SketchUp Pro 2018:

Please let us know in the form if you have any questions. If you do want to disable the fix, please download and run this script: (Please make sure SketchUp is closed when you run the script).

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This resolved my issue quickly.

HI. I’m A newbie to SU and had downloaded the trial. I am using a new pc and this was only the second program installed on it.

I ran into the exact problem everyone here described. This fix seems to have solved the issue for me.

Hi, I’ve been dealing with this lag off and on for sometime. It seems like the options are; keep uninstalling Windows 10 security updates (which seems inefficient), or use Sketch up on line version, or purchase the 2018Pro version?

Or, since the main cause is related to some Intel graphics drivers not being suitable for applications that require good OpenGL support, get a graphics card that can handle it and don’t let Windows reset the Intel graphics as the default.

I’ve been using Windows 10 for several years on a computer with an Nvidia graphics card. I’ve never had any issues with this slow selection thing but I keep tight control over updates and make sure the Nvidia card remains the default for SketchUp and LayOut.

It’s worked on this computer since Sketch up version 14, but started to get weird around version 16. I would like to think I live in a perfect world, where my computer, the program and all components required to run the program all align and work with each other. If that’s not the case then I have to rely on the Sketch up diagnostic tool to tell me if there is anything required by Sketch up that I don’t have. The tool says I’m good to go with everything.
Pretty sure it’s not a graphics card issue. Also from my intermittent research it’s not the same update, and it seems to vary. But is kind of my point. I’m glad your version runs so smoothly Dave.

Was having issue with Surface Pro (2017) running intel HD 620 & Windows 10. I applied the script & now it works! The lag is now gone. Very relieved because I was planning to return the surface pro to Microsoft & get something else. Thanks


the graphics card driver and the provided OpenGL capabilities is definitely involved in causing the mentioned issue.

Integrated gaphics solutions (= cheap & lame) were never meant to use with demanding 3D modelers but good for office stuff or internet or videos even if consumers did not understand the difference.

If you are seeing this issue on SketchUp 2017, please try disabling Fast Feedback to see if it helps (Preferences > OpenGL > Disable Fast Feedback). Let me know if that helps.

This seems to have solved my select tool problem as well.

How do I find out about these patches/scripts ? I have a maintenance account. Is there a way I can be notified or do I have to stumble around and search on this forum ?

if being affected by an issue contacting the tech. support would be a common behaviour.

On my phone so can’t confirm, but wasn’t the Disable fast feedback removed from 2017.

nope, the “Hardware Acceleration” (aka OpenGL via the CPU instead of the GPU).

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That’s the one. Knew I needed to check. Thanks.

This didn’t fix my problem with SU Make 2017. What else can I do?

The script doesn’t work for SketchUp 2017, you can upgrade to SketchUp Pro 2018 and run this script or you can try disabling Fast Feedback in the OpenGL settings of the Preferences window.

Disabled the fast feedback and that didn’t work. Can I borrow $600 from you to upgrade to Pro? Just telling me to upgrade seems insensitive to me especially since I teach others how to use SketchUp Make.



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Unfortunately, because this is due to a recent Windows update, we don’t have a lot of options. The other options would be to update your video card (this only seems to effect integrated Intel video cards) or uninstall the Windows update that is causing the issue. Please see this post for more details about this issue with SketchUp 2017: Selection Tool process is slow, unbearably slow