Select Tool lag issue on Windows 10



I just don’t think its my graphics card. Because it worked great with zip file that they made for Pro. I have a top of the line Microsoft surface laptop.


And when I use the online version it works fine. I don’t think this is a graphics card issue.


OK. That’s what it’s been for most other users who have reported the problem.

The online version uses WebGL not OpenGL so apples and oranges comparison.



as the Project Manager for a commercial development shouldn’t you be using Pro?



I only use it for wood working projects. SketchUp sort of fulfills my child hood dreams of being an architect. I don’t have any professional need for SketchUp.


I will try and learn how to use the online one then I guess. Not ideal but at least it works for my purposes. Thanks for your assistance.


How did you know of my profession if you don’t mind me asking? You definitely surprised me there. I’m a project manager for a family owned residential development. So commercial would be incorrect.


John’s point is that SketchUp Make and SketchUp free are for hobby use. If you are using it in your business, even if that business is family owned, you need to be using SketchUp Pro.


Try rolling back your graphics card driver to an earlier version. You can check on your machine to see if older drivers exist or plumb around on the intel site and forums and look for links to older drivers. When I rolled the driver back for my HD 520 card the section tool worked properly.


I understand that. The point I made is that I do not use it for business purposes EVER. It is for my personal woodworking hobby. I don’t have the knowledge to use it in a professional manner. I just use it to design little things to hold tools in my garage. I did design my dream workshop but again that is for me. I am well aware that if you are using SketchUp to make money you should pay for it. So, are we clear?


Thanks bdnelson I will try that.


The first thing you should do when the slow selection tool issue appears is reboot your computer. If it is still happening after that reboot, reboot it again. This has repaired the problem the last three times on my computer after months of messing with drivers and uninstalling SU etc etc etc. Sometimes the driver tweeks have repaired the issue but again…that always requires rebooting. So was it the driver or just rebooting that repaired it. Nobody here can tell you. All I know is rebooting repairs the selection tool lag for me with out doing all the other “stuff”. …so far :slight_smile:


Does anyone know if there is a permanent solution (Update or Fix) to the Selection Tool problem for SU Make?
Until then, I found a work around.
Use the right mouse button to select (no lag). If you want to select all of the object, use the right mouse button, scroll down to Select, and choose “All Connected”


Hey that is a great work around for the time being. Thanks for sharing!!


Your welcome


I downloaded the script and verified that it was placed in the directory, then double clicked on it. It ran fast (1-2 seconds), I retried SketchUp and have the same slow select issue… I closed Sketchup, re-opened and verified, the problem still exists.


Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile offers conflicting information. Also make sure your graphics drivers are up to date.


Hmmm, although I downloaded SketchUp in 2018, the version is 2017; sorry about that. Any suggestions for verson 2017?


So you didn’t install SketchUp 2018 Pro?

The script is only for SketchUp 2018 Pro. Your alternatives are to make check Intel graphics drivers. Try updating them. If that doesn’t help, try rolling them back to a version that does work. Be aware that the next time Windows pushes an automatic update, you may have the same problem so note the driver version that works so you can roll back to it again.

Also, if you are using SketchUp 2017, make sure you installed it correctly by right clicking on the installer and selecting Run as administrator. If you only double clicked on the installer, it won’t be installed correctly.

You might fix your profile so someone looking at it will know the correct version you are using.


Thanks, I’ll try those suggestions and have HP verify the latest graphics card driver.