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why does the select button suddenly seem to have an independant existance. what have I set up wrongly - Ivor

Hard to tell from your vague description what you are talking about. Can you show us what you are seeing?

By the way, I moved this to the correct category since it doesn’t belong in the Gallery.

Sorry about the vagueness but I cannot get the button to stay where it is on the screen, it moves of in a randon (to me) direction, also I only use SketchUp spasmodically.

What internet browser?


Have you tried Chrome?

fraid not, is there a compatability issue?

Not normally but comparing behavior in Chroime could help to narrow down where the problem is.

Also, what kind of mouse? Wireless? Maybe it needs new batteries.

I will try the batteries. although they are rechargeable thus only 1.2v. I now find that I can create a guideline but it vanishes when I let go of the tape measure. I think a decent G&T and a rest could help. Thanks your help.

Is this in a mouse that normally takes regular alkaline AAs? If so, your rechargeables at 1.2V are already starting out “low”. Try some proper alkaline cells.

Guidelines: Make sure you haven’t hit option by mistake. To create a guideline the Tape Measure tool should have the little guide with + below it.

Have one for me. It’s too early here for it.

Is Guides on in the ‘View’ menu? If not, you create guides that will (temporarily) be invisible till you check that visibility option again.

added: is guides checked in the ‘Display’ panel {thanks to @DaveR (next post), I didn’t notice it was for the Web version} ?

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@g.h.hubers means in the Display panel.

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Thanks your help, will have wait till morning to get batteries, so will try then.

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