Select Large Region from Google Earth?

I was wondering if it’s possible to grab a large region at a reduced size from Google Earth. For example If I wanted to select the island of Manhattan, can that be done? I tried but keep getting “region too big” error. Is the function of grabbing GE content only for specific small areas to build models on?

There’s a limit. You will have to experiment to learn how much.
My guess is being >13mi. long the entire island of Manna-hata is a bit much for one grab.
SU’s OpenGL rendering may well have tantrums at that size as well.

Notice that after the first grab you can “Add More Imagery…”
Stitching multiple grabs together into one truly “functional terrain” is tedious work.


See this topic in the old SU Forum for ideas: How can I blend Google Earth terrains?


Thanks for the tip. It does seem tedious. I think for such large scale terrain I will just find Satellite images from NASA and such. But I will still explore the stitching option as well. Sometimes the terrain I want is hard to find on the net but at least I know I can find it on GE.