Select by a volume or dimension

Essentially I have imported a model of a home from chief architect and all the studs are titled as different components. I would like to be able to rename all the different studs based on size, 2x6x10 2x4x8 etc. Can we write a simple script for this somehow to select and rename them, i was thinking we could select components based on theyre volume or y,x or z dimensions.

How are they named?

Can you export one of the studs as a component file, and post it in the this thread, please. (Just drag and drop if you are on MS Windows.)

OK, so I was able to attach a sample wall and as you can tell there are multiple sizes of different studs.

StudSelecting.skp (550.9 KB)

Thanks much.

OK, after many hours of research I was able to find an addon from thomthom: Component Comparison v0.2.0a. Thank you @DanRathbun for the reply.

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