Segmented turnings

Hi All,

I wish to draw a segmented unit for wood turning . Each stave has a compound miter on each side. Compound miters require two angles- the blade angle and the miter angle. For this construction project, I will build 3 bowls with a diameter of 8 " (203.2mm) and 16 staves in each. In order to achieve what I wish to do , the sides of the bowls must be 45 degrees. To achieve the required 45 degree angle, the miter saw blade angle should be set at 7.93 degrees and the miter angle should be set at 8.01 degrees. I have drawn the piece manually in SU, but there must be a quicker way! An explanation on how would be much appreciated. Attached is my sketch.Stave Construction 1.skp (170.2 KB)

I guess if I had to model something like that I would let SketchUp tell me the bevel angle rather than trying to model it. I’d start with a 16-sided polygon and a profile of the bowl cross section. Use Follow Me and then erase all but one stave. Make that stave a component and use Rotate/Copy to make the rest of them.

Hi Dave,
Thanks fort the prompt reply. Sorry for the delay in responding. Can you walk me thru from the profile. When I use F/me the section is lopsided .

Dave would be sleeping around this time.
What do you mean Lopsided?

Note that Dave’s Path is a 16 sided polygon, not a circle, tap ctrl when you draw it to get the flat side on axis rather than the vertex on axis.
Draw your Profile perpendicular to the midpoint of one of the flat sides, then rotate it 45.
Select your path. get f/m and hit the profile.

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Hi Box,

Thanks for the answer, something is amiss. Attached is the problem.
Drawing 2.skp (49.5 KB)

Dave sleeps? Who knew!


Doing exactly what Dave suggested, I get this: Drawing 2.skp (41.4 KB)

Your model does not have components or groups, unless you exploded them and got rid of the joining faces. Also, you have faces inverted.

I didn’t bother with the base, but that is easily added.

Upload your model before you use follow me so we can see where the error is. In other words, do follow me, if it doesn’t work hit undo and save the model and upload that. This let’s us look at how you have it set up.

Well, actually I got called away to do a Palpebrae Perforation Survey. Fortunately they don’t come around very often. :wink:

As Box requested, upload your model before Follow Me.

The problems I see are that you don’t have the outsides of the staves at the 45° you specified in your first post and it looks like you probably drew the profile for the staves so the bottom edge was touching the face of the Follow Me circle so the bottom faces of the staves weren’t created and the central area is skinned over. Oh, and the faces are reversed but that sometime happens with Follow Me and is easilig corrected…

Other than the angle not matching what you original specified, it’s not difficult to fix. I drew lines in between the inside and outside vertices top and bottom to define a single stave.

Erased the rest, make the remaining stave a component and rotate/copied it around the origin.

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Morning All,
I have re-drawn the piece and every thing seems to be OK. As Dave suggested I erased all but 1 stave, made component and used the Rotate tool and this is what happened. An explanation would be much appreciated.Drawing 3.skp (68.5 KB)

One problem appears to be that you dragged out the polygon at some random angle instead of dragging out on axis. It also appears that you set it slightly off center and/or moved the stave before copying it.

Dave , The 1st steps are hidden if that helps to see what I have done.

Comparing the stuff you had hidden with the components it’s easy to see that you moved the stave component and didn’t get it in the right location or orientation. Don’t do that.

Try again on this one.
Drawing 3 dr.skp (45.9 KB)

Dave, Here’s number 3 again, still not correct.
TGC.Drawing 3.skp (48.6 KB)

Try it with the file I uploaded.

Dave , I can’t open your file. My version is 20.0.373.

I wish you would finally complete your profile as I’ve asked you in the past. I’d have saved it as a v.20 file before uploading it before. Here it is.
Drawing 3 dr.skp (43.0 KB)

Ok That worked just fine, going back to your original post, why is it necessary to go further then the f/Me step? have you not achieved what was required?

I thought you wanted to model the individual staves. If you don’t care about the staves, then no, there’s no need to go any farther.

Your correct, that I need to be able to do is gather information from a single stave.