Sefaira uses IE and not Edge (Chromium)

On windows, is this a desired behavior or is there a way to let Sefaira use my default browser?

if you open a tab in your favorite browser and type in the address, it will get you there, not?

Here is an article over the behavior of Sefaira:

Sorry for not clarifying, Sefaira uses IE while using the plug in: upload to Sefaira web, download snapshots etc, even after running the script attached in the support page you linked.

Hi @marcodileo, you are right, in that Sefaira uses IE instead of any other browser as the default upload. There is currently no way to change it. I will let our product team know of the desire to do so.

Once you have uploaded the project to the web interface you can simply copy and paste the web address into your browser of choice and work on there. I find that the Sefaira web app is much more responsive on Chrome as opposed to other browsers.

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