Sefaira Use at High Elevation

What do I do if I want to energy model a project at 9,000’ elevation, with the closest location in Sefaira being at 7,000’. The climate up there is much more hostile and need to be considered in the simulations.

@niraj.poudel may have thoughts.

@ruegemer you can always upload your weather file that represents the 9000’ elevation in the Sefaira Web Application and run the analysis. Just need to ensure that your weather file is .epw format.

Hope this helps?

Hello Niraj,

that will help, I just assume that the closest weather file available is the one Sefaira is already using. Anyhow, I will have my students figure this one out :slight_smile:

Best, Jörg

Hi @ruegemer,

You are correct, in that Sefaira will pull the closest weather file that we have in our database for the location specified. In the event that your students do not have the correct .epw file then they can also look for more weather files here..

Now once they have the correct .epw file that represents the project location then they can upload the file by following the instructions laid out here.

Hope that helps.

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Hello Niraj,

1000 thanks :slight_smile: that does help a lot!