Seeking Competent Engineering Assistance

I recently negotiated an agreement to provide design and condoc materials for a new residence in a major city in the eastern U.S. Eventually the services of technicians who can provide the following services will be needed: schematic single line layout for: 1) mechanical design, 2) plumbing design, 3) HVAC design, 4) electrical design.

Although technicians need not be licensed (I will assume responsibility for building permit requirements as I am a registered architect), however technicians must be able to accurately size systems, piping, conduit, ductwork, vents, etc. and design to accommodate the requirements inherent in their specific engineering discipline such as electrical panel power loads, circuitry, and lighting, sizing gas fired furnace, air flow and heating/cooling requirements to properly size ducts and vents, be able to size gas lines, water supply lines and waste lines, etc.

Engineering data will not be presented in .skp format, but I will take the data (in either CAD or pdf format) and translate it into Layout for permit review and condocs. I am early on in the process but want to put the idea out because I recently moved to a new area and have not yet established relationships with engineering professionals in this region. (Most of my recent professional work is performed online for client/projects in geographically disparate locations. ALL work on this project will be conducted via the internet.)

If you have an interest in working with me, please send a PM identifying your specific engineering discipline(s) and capabilities. I will get back to you after the building design concept is accepted by the client and then a reasonable fee may be arranged. Fleshing out the building design concept and obtaining the client’s approval may take the next two to three weeks.

I may need a structural engineer as well, but this person must be licensed in the commensurate jurisdiction.