Seeking approx 1-2 hrs help w layout (paid)via zoom

Hi Folks. Seeking Layout experience to zoom with me for 1hr max.

I’ve set up doc in Layout but can’t for life of me wirk out the layers for dimensions, text and a few other things.

It’s causing me a lot of repeat work and no matter how many times I’ve watched the specific tutorial it just hasn’t worked.

Doc is set up & ready to go. Just needs some fine tuning. Hopefully I will learn by direction.

Happy to pay for someone’s time and free anytime.
I am in Perth WA if that helps.

Thanks Nikki

I sent you a PM.

Hi Dave. Thanks heaps for that. Currently 9:15pm Friday night here and I’ve had a 12hr day w jobs and mind is mush! Sorry.

Where can I send file LO file to?

Ideally I’d like you to walk me thru the 3 things I know will make a difference.

I can be free anytime (except tonight) otherwise.

Thanks Nikki

Got it.

Sent another PM.