Seeking a waney edgeTexture

I can’t seem to find a texture that I need for a model. I am looking for waney edge timber caldding/siding. Any ideas where I may find something suitable? Many thanks

You could use ‘Google Image search’ and import the found image as a texture.

Good idea. I found one, thank you but how do I resize it as board width is far too wide?

Resizing options:

  1. Resize the downloaded image before importing it as a texture
  2. Resize while importing by clicking and dragging while placing the texture on a surface
  3. Resize after importing by right clicking > texture > position
  4. Resize using the material library [Edit] tab and change the scale
  5. alternative method that I don’t know yet

I hope you find one that best suits your workflow!

Import the waney as an image, not a texture. That will enable you to use the scale tool on it before you explode it. Images imported in this way don’t appear in the material palette until they’re actually exploded, so you get a chance to get them the right size first.

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Thank you I think I’ve got it now.

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Thank you I think I have it now

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Yup this worked too. Thank you

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That’s great. No my question was much simpler and related to cladding for external cabin

Yes waney edge

I was playing around over a coffee. Grabbed a screenshot of a 6ft fence panel at B&Q.
Method: went into Photoshop and cloned/context filled out the vertical struts. Doubled the canvas width, so I could mirror the image…so that the ends would join up seamlessly. Offset it vertically so I could tidy up and make it completely seamless. Done.
The image is in the model…already sized.

shed.skp (306.5 KB)

That’s good. I had a problem with the tile effect but that seemless image is much better

Just discovered a sketchup video about tiling materials when scaling, maybe interesting to watch to: