See-through webdialog?

Is there a way to make a webdialog transparent or see-through, So that i can set see past the web dialog?
I have a long list of values to be displayed in a webdialog and the dialog is getting a tad big, gets in the way sometime. It would be great to include a slider to control the transparency of the webdialog so that the view behind the dialog is visible (See-through).

I tried setting the opacity in the css. But the web dialog is still opaque.
Is it possible anyway?

Have you tried setting the opacity in your browser? This is not possible through the document object model.

I wouldn’t choose a slider (because it costs space and burdens the user with more control than necessary just to work-around a still existing problem). Try to tackle the source of the problem directly.

  • Could you make the dialog collapsible? (set_size)
  • Could you let the user place the dialog next to the SketchUp window instead of occluding it? Maybe make the dialog content responsive so it works with any (narrow) width of the dialog. When occlusion is a problem, consider tiling window management over stacking.
  • If you want to print text on top of the model, you could create a Tool and use OpenGL drawing methods to print the text on the drawing area. However this text won’t be scrollable, and users won’t be able to switch to other tools without leaving your tool.
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can it be done using require ‘win32’ on windows??

I tried before on a mac by rewriting the nib file, but it only works on ‘Ruby Console’ and ‘native toolbars’, webDialogs fail…


There is nothing in the SketchUp Ruby API to do this I’m afraid. CSS won’t be able to control the opacity of the window containing it.