See the object from below

Hello, I have problems with viewing from below, I orbit around my object and when I try to see it lower than the ground level (under the red and green axle) all the picture becomes gray, how to see things behind this ground plane? It’s probably a simple setting thing, can someone help me with this?

Could you perhaps share a screen shot or your model file and we can take a peek?

You should be able to see anywhere you want on your model using the Orbit, Pan and Zoom tools.

sounds like a Style setting issue to me…

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Thank you for your answer, but this is not it.

In these screenshots you can see what happens when I roll my look down. The grey plane appears.

do you have a version where your ground NOT checked? I think that is what @john_drivenupthewall was tyring to show you.

yes, all the same …

Background and sky will contribute to the gray-ness of the viewport. so, if you uncheck them and make them white, it would not show as gray.

Seeing some CAD file imported, have a suspicion that this can be tied to clipping issue? - for the underside view.
is there any way, we can inspect the model?

yes, I can simply send it to you.

jaunaa_TRANS.skp (754.9 KB)

Confirmed that it is clipping issue.

Whichever that is on your layer named “2” is causing the problem due to very large geometry.
Simple fix would be to delete layer “2” and delete its contents, but you will lose your necessary geometry.

quick note, raw geometry (edges and faces) shouldn’t belong to layers, the groups and components that should belong to layers.

Please see following two links that may address your issues.

Clipping & missing faces
Does SketchUp support layers?

Thank you, utleast now I know the reason of this, and thank you for the tip.

Your SKP contains an enormous component [29km long] and at least two [groups] that are scaled down from being enormous [with sub-parts] !
This plays havoc with SketchUp’s display.

I suspect the CAD data was originally drawn in one set of units and the blocks were scaled, then the import was at the wrong size and it was scaled again…

Also only assign layers to ‘containers’ NOT ‘raw’ geometry.

Some exploding, then regrouping and purging are in order…
There are 628 edges located literally miles from the ORIGIN !
Select All then deselect the expected geometry by fence [Right-Left] - holding Ctrl+Shift - Entity Info shows stuff ‘off-screen’ ‘delete’ it all…
Once the giants are not inserted AND also not as giant component-definitions the view will perform OK…

Also please learn to use Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused…
You model has lots of unused things in it that inflate it too…

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may i ask how you found the one that was 29km long?

I did zoom extent and everything went blank and couldn’t see anything. I just knew it was large component issue, but couldn’t pin point which is causing the problem, or find out how big actually that is.

I found the big one TIG refers to by switching the camera to Perspective.

[quote=“DaveR, post:16, topic:15655, full:true”]
I found the big one TIG refers to by switching the camera to Perspective.
[/quote]… and I slowly zoomed out until I saw it - some miles off to the north-east…
It is also not ‘flat’ and has hidden parts miles above z=0…
The Outliner is also good for stepping through your parts…

Zoom Extents in these circumstances fails as stuff is too far away, and SketchUp baulks at it…
TIP: Use a Scene Tab so you can get back to some useful view…

sometimes i can spot two tiny dots on the corners of the screen by hitting zoom extents. but i guess it wasn’t working for this occasion due to the clipping.

There are four "facade_2_dxf,dxf"groups showing in the ‘Outliner’. Only one allows a decent ‘Zoom Selection’ through the ‘Outliner’. when selected. The other three seem to be invalid.
Erase these three groups and your model can be seen from below.

p.s. if you can do without guides, erase them. They also can hinder navigating your model properly.

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