Section Fill During Animation

During animation the section fill is “black” (see GIF), which hides the internal structure (see image below). Is there a way to make the animation section fill transparent like the static section fill example (see image below)? I would prefer to use native tools, but will use an extension. As always thanks for your help.


PS: I did try different styles, including x-ray, but a little too transparent


It seams that there is no possibility to change the transparency of the Selection Fil color.(Red rectangle)
But you can completely switch it of (Green rectangle) if that helps…

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Thanks. Looks like this combination of x-ray/color reveals the inner construction at the expense of external materials. Maybe the best compromise. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


You could also check what it looks like with x-ray off and Back Edges on.

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Thanks. “Back Edges”, just not enough detail.

Maybe switching x-ray mode off for the opening scene, showing a “material” view of the completed structure, followed by x-ray mode on for the remaining scenes to reveal the inner details, will strike the proper balance.