Second screen on Mac blacks out

I’m running SU 2017 Pro latest maintenance release on Mac El Capitan, also up to date. It has worked fine for months.

Tonight for the first time, my second screen blacks out after a few minutes to half an hour’s use.

Generally, this is graphics card related, but I’m wondering if it is heat related? It is an exceptionally warm evening for southern England, and even now nearly 10pm the outside temperature is still almost 26°C, and inside still around 28°C (mid to high 80s °F)

I have an iMac 27in 5K late 2015 model, Radeon R9 M395 2GB memory, 24GB main memory.

The second screen is driven from a Thunderbolt 2 port via a no-name mini display port to DVI adapter.

The second screen continues to work with other apps - it’s only the secondary windows I use for SU that blacks out.

EDIT: I forgot to mention. I’m working in Outliner, with a very large model, and have filtered the Outliner output. When I scroll down near the bottom, it often seems to trigger the blackout, but it can, i think, also happen spontaneously.

It sometimes recovers if I move focus to another app, then come back to SU after a longish pause (minutes, say).

Any ideas, anyone, for how to fix? Or do I have to just wait for the weather to cool down?

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