Search features

It would be nice if, clicking the mag-glass icon ONCE did just as it does, brings up the popover search window.

BUT giving it a fast double-click actually goes to the search page:
Search results for '' - SketchUp Community

ON the search page, when doing multiple searches, it would be nice to KNOW that a search has been done.
After the first failed search, the message it too generic. ie “No search results found.”

It should change each time to: “No search results found for:querytext.’

You cannot really tell if you did a search because the cursor remains in the search box, at the end of the query string.

You do not notice if you do only 1 search. But try doing another when the first resulted in no matches, and the same for the second.

Planned for our next release is finalizing the full page search and integrating into the UI.