Scrolling with mouse wheel not working anymore in Component list in SketchUp 2022.0

When hovering with the mouse over the component list, you can scroll in the list with the mouse wheel. But in SketchUp 2022.0 this does not work anymore. You can only scroll up and down using the scroll bar.
Scrolling with the mouse wheel however still works in the material list for instance.

A quick fix would be appreciated.

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Mine scrolls!

I see that a two finger drag on trackpad does scroll materials, but doesn’t scroll components. A mouse wheel on a mouse does scroll them ok. But, I get the same behavior with 2020 and 2021, as well as in 2022.

OK, it does not not scroll in all cases.

How to reproduce the issue:
In the main component list, press the button to open the second component list.
then in the main component list switch from the selection tab to the “edit” or “statistics” tab.
Now go down to the second component selection list and try to scroll with the mouse wheel.

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Thanks, I see the difference now, and will log a bug report.

@trent I created SU-50553 to cover this.

Btw, the same issue is with the Material pane. If you are in the “Edit” tab of the Material pane, then you cannot scroll the second material list anymore with the mouse wheel.

And thanks for placing a bug report.

Pitty it has not been fixed in SketchUp Pro 2022.0.354

The recent update had a lot more fixes in it than is normal for a patch release. The update was mainly done because of a security related issue on Windows, and we were lucky to be able to add a bunch of other fixes.

I don’t know a date for the next ‘dot’ release, but I would be hopeful that this and other issues will be fixed by then.

Yes, I have seen the list and it is long. As the subscription model was introduced to make it easier for the SketchUp team to release patches more often, I hope, that the next release will not be that far away and such small glitches are resolved.

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