Scrolling gives me a green screen



Good afternoon. I am recently getting back into using sketchup and it has been going fairly smoothly so far. After spending the day working on a model I was scrolling over to another part of my page and rotating the view when suddenly all I could see was green and I can get back to the model but can’t rotate around without seeing green and then more often than not flipping the view upside down every time. I am not sure what I did or how I managed to do this and would be really sad to lose a whole day’s worth of work. I can use the camera setting to re-align my screen once I find my model and my view lines but it quickly goes back to green the moment I try and move around again! HELP


if you ‘copy/paste in place’ the geometry into a new model, does the problem follow the geometry?



In preferences disable fast feedback.


This seems to have worked thanks! I am concerned if it happens again or is a repeating issue but problem is fixed for now I guess.


this suggests your original has some distant orphaned geometry, you could search for it, or just rename the new one to over-write it…

@slbaumgartner may have a look if you can upload the original one…



Be glad to try to help if you can share the problem file.


It won´t let me upload the original file (too big) but having copied and pasted the geometry to another file fixed the issue so thanks.


You could upload it to DropBox, the 3DWarehouse, or similar site and share the link here.