Script of Outliner

Do you have any ideas where can I find script in Ruby of Outliner. I have to make some like this but with a little modifications. Lot of thanks in advance


The Outliner is part of the native C-side code. It is not written in Ruby.

sure the outliner is in C code. but is there any ruby script that can explore the content of the outliner and display it the same way? with the contents of each dynamic components options would be great for me…

An extension could written to do what you request, but by probing and reporting the model contents via the Ruby API. The outliner and its contents are not exposed per se.

who can do it ( writting this extension )? or maybe a draft that i could personalise for my usage?

You can’t access the Outliner itself via the API.
You could replicate the Outliner in a Web/HTMLdialog.
Listing current instances/groups and their nested contents…
This is quite possible, but not a simple task.

If you are interested in DCs, their contents and their various attributes, then the Generate Report tool does this.
Again this is not accessible via the API.
And again you can do this, with enough effort…

ok @TIG, i will probably do by generate report so…

What changes would you want to make to an Outliner ?