Screen goes black for a few seconds!

by the way, John drivenupthewall, my script doesn’t do anything with the display. Not deliberately. It imports a .skp file into the drawing which changes the view. The import method does that without asking.

I was refering to the wrapping of code that @max also queried…

It suspends any noise generated by your plugin, and makes it a single undo…

even if this is a graphics issue, wrapping code in a operation is a good practice…


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…and can speed up execution of your code as well!

I’m working on that. I have some other issues to deal with first. I have wrapped a lot of the code in

model.start_operation(“string”, true); start_operation_flag_already_set=true
code that calls code
model.start_operation(“string”, true,false,true) unless start_operation_flag_already_set
more code
model.commit_operation unless start_operation_flag_already_set
code returns here

I’m not quite finished sorting all that out yet but I’m getting there.

I contacted the nvidia site chat line but they just said my nvidia adapter is win10 compatible. they suggested the issue is with Sketchup, which might be true. Sketchup might not be fully tested on win10. The os is pretty new.

I am having the black screen thing whenever I save my skp file. Screen goes black until saving is done. Yesterday it went black and apparently went into a cycle and created multiple copies of the file and locked up the computer.
Using a G-force GTX560

I just changed the properties to a setting with no anti-alias and black screen went away.