School whitelist Requests

Please can you whitelist

Thank you

Hello All,

My apologies for the extreme delay in responding. I have added the following user’s domains to our registry. Please be aware that your G Suite admin will need to approve the permissions for the app in order to deploy SketchUp for Schools to your domain. If this has not yet been done, please direct your admin to the SketchUp for Schools app page on the G Suite marketplace:

@curtis.kutzan @darylr @wristersl @t.udom-ariya @jessica_kirk @jordan.brackell @CBA @rryder @demaat @it.specialistas @Tom67 @dusty.charvat @esilva @mjhardisty

This does not appear to have worked. All it does is loop around from sketchup’s sign in error page back to sign in with google and repeat. The application has been approved for some time.

Hi Steve,
Please add to the allow list. I added it to the app list in our domain and approved it for all OU’s as the admin earlier today.
Thank you!

I need my school to be in the whitelist please.