School whitelist Requests

Good morning, I’m the Google Apps for Education admin at our schools, and have granted access for SketchUp for Schools in our dashboard so we can try to transition away from the old Windows app, but we’re stuck in this same login loop and apparently need our domain whitelisting (which makes sense as our one doesn’t end in .edu).
Our domain is
Any help would be appreciated!
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please could be whitelisted. We’re going to be using our 365 accounts when using the app.

Many thanks,
Shane (IT Technician)

It worked great, today. Thank yo so much.

Thank you. It worked great.

Good morning, we’ve just setup SketchUp for Schools in our Azure AD but users are getting the ‘Approval needed’ pop up. Is it possible to get our domain whitelisted please?


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We are trying to activate Sketchup for our school domain but are getting stuck at the login page. We are using Microsoft Education.

Can you please whitelist our domain?

Thank you in advance,
Sebastian Eniko

@Steve_Ketchup can you whitelist We are a K-12 district, I am the GSuite Admin.

Hello and thanks for reaching out. I have added the following domains to our registry to access SketchUp for Schools.


Please try deploying SketchUp for Schools again and let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.


may I ask why others have been whitelisted but we have not?


Along with @sbrown89 I am confused as to why some schools are being whitelisted and not others. Is there some requirement that we are not meeting?

I am not trying to spam the forums, but have requested my school to be whitelisted twice since April. My domain is****

I understand that this is a free offering and I appreciate the learning experience that this tool enables for my students. I am frustrated that I was unable to use it effectively this Spring. As a mid year hire, I wanted to transition my existing lessons to my new school. I am disappointed that my kids missed out.

@sbrown89 & @alarson

I apologize for the delay in granting your domains access to SketchUp for Schools. Your domains were not excluded from approval on purpose. Unfortunately we missed your requests as we were going through the forum. We realize that this system of approving domains based on forum requests is far from ideal and we are working on improving our processes.

I have approved both of your domains and you should now be able to access the app. Please let me know if there is anything I can help you with.

Hi There,
Can you please whitelist:



We too are unable to enable Sketchup for Schools.

Please whitelist us:


Would it be possible to whitelist this domain: ?

We use Google Workspace.

Thank you so much !


I have approved your school domains to use SketchUp for Schools.

Thank you so much !

I need activation for my school domain for Sketchup for Schools :
The app is already installed in Google Workspace but it doesn’t start requesting activation.
Thank you

I’ve approved your domain, please let me know if you continue to have issues logging in.

Please whitelist domain for Toowoomba Christian College
Sketchup for Schools is intermittently not allowing logons for our school community.

Please whitelist Rice Consolidated ISD domain