School whitelist Requests

Please add domains listed: It has worked before but our users are experiencing an infinite login loop.

Please add to the whitelist. Thank you!

I’m a G Suite admin. How do I approve the app?

My district has been working up until yesterday, so I guess we need our domains approved now?

The login issues should now be fixed. Apologies for the inconvenience! If you are continuing to experience issues, please reply to this thread SketchUp for Schools Temporary Login Issues (FIX 28.04.2021)

@Gopal we appear to be having issues, seeing both a “Sign-In error” and an “Internal Error” popup. This might be because we haven’t been whitelisted yet though? Is it possible to check if our domains ( and should be able to log in yet?


Could we add our domain to the white list please:

students :

Thank you

@nbutler @MrTuerLHS Your domains have been manually registered. Please let us know if you continue to experience access issues, and verify that the app has been deployed according to the steps indicated here:

@Tori_SU Hello! Up until April 29th, I was getting the “Are you in the right place?” error msg. for my SketchUp for Schools account. But when I tested a student account, I got the error msg. - I’m thinking that the student domain needs to be whitelisted. I asked for whitelisting in a different thread that day but received no reply, so I’m asking here if you would please whitelist “”, which is our student domain and please check our staff domain “” - Thanks so much! We appreciate these tools for our students.


Having issues with ( works)…can you whitelist?

Can you please whitelist

We have it enabled for our Microsoft EDU domain and we can access it in Edge and in Safari, but we get the Sign In Error in Chrome.
Oddly, if I add a favorite to the homescreen (Safari for iPad) as a web app, that also gets the Sign In Error, even though it works fine in Safari itself.
I’m hoping the whitelisting fixes it.