School whitelist Requests

I think my school needs to be whitelisted. My students use Office 365 because that is our school account system and they each have an email in this system. When they try to log in with it, they get an error message stating that their email cannot be found or is invalid.
Our domain is
My email address is
Will whitelisting fix this problem?

@sfirestone If you are a Micrsoft user then you might be seeing a different issue. Generally our manual registration is only a requirement for G Suite schools. Could you please provide a screenshot of the error you’re seeing?

Please add to the white list for Sketchup For Schools.
We are an International School in Penang, Malaysia:
Many thanks,

Not quite sure where to go but could you please whitelist our district?
Thank you

Hi there,
Im at the same loop as @OSD
@Steve_Ketchup would you mind to whitelist our organisation too? (for teachers) (for students)
Since we are a secondary spanish school, should we contact a local administrator or do something else?
Thanks in advance.

Hello. Please add “” to the whitelist. (We are stuck in the authentication loop). Thank you. -John

Please add and to your whitelist. We are a private school in Greenville, SC. Thank you.

Steve, May I please have added to represent all of the teachers within the San Diego Unified School District. You have already given access to my students using their - thank you

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I have added your domains to our registry. Please keep in mind that SketchUp for Schools still requires admin approval before users can access it from your school accounts. In order to approve the app, an administrator with Domain or Global admin privileges must deploy the app from our Google marketplace landing page.

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Please add to the whitelist (state school in UK). We have deployed the app from Google marketplace already


Could you please whitelist:


@lvcitsupport & @lcsmd I have added your domains to our registry. Please let me know if you continue to have trouble logging in.

I would like to use Sketchup in our school. We are located in Switzerland (canton Zurich). Our School is using Microsoft Office and all the students have a Microsoft account.

Student account

You are all set! Please keep in mind that your Microsoft Administrator will still need to accept the app permissions and deploy it to your domain from the Microsoft App marketplace.

Can i request two domains be whitelisted please?

The domains are the following:

I have added your domains to our registry. Please let me know if you continue to experience issues logging in.