School whitelist Requests


We too are stuck in the “ARE YOU IN THE RIGHT PLACE” loop- our domain is I have checked all of our domain settings and they appear to be correct. I believe that you had whitelisted us previously in 2018.

Could you please take a look and see if we need to be whitelisted again?

Thank you very much!


Both of your domains have been whitelisted. To assist us in troubleshooting with you could you please send a screenshot of the Google Marketplace listing that you are being shown from your administrative account?

It’s the same in both of our domains. Thanks for the help.

My students and I are unable to log into SketchUp for Schools. We are a small district in SD. We are managed by the State Department of Education with the following Credential:

Tried to log in this morning with no luck. I have been using SU since the start of school with no issues. I have restarted my computer, enabled pop-ups, logged into my Trimble account, tried to open from my Google Drive still no luck. Any other tips? Thanks, Glenn

If you are a returning user of SketchUp for Schools and recently lost access to the app, please see the following forum thread with instructions on how your G Suite Administrator can re-accept the permissions for SketchUp for Schools: SketchUp for Schools Login Changes for G Suite Users

Please note that the permissions for your district can only be accepted by your G Suite administrator

For the 100th time, I have already done that!!!

I sent you a screen shot of what the app looks like in the marketplace.

Stop giving me the canned response and help me.


Still stuck in the neverending login loop

Domain Registration

As a K-12 specific web tool, the login process for SketchUp for Schools requires verification that your school domain belongs to a K-12 (primary or secondary) G-Suite or Microsoft 365 educational account.

In certain situations it may be necessary to register your domain with the SketchUp Team in order to access SketchUp for Schools (previously referred to as whitelisting).

If one of the following circumstances applies to you please add your domain to the bottom of this thread and we will add you to our registry.

.edu email domain

One method of verifying that an account belongs to K-12 school is checking whether your domain ends in .edu. Today, these domains are reserved for colleges and universities however there are many K-12 schools who acquired their .edu domain before these rules went into effect. If your school uses a .edu domain it will be flagged as belonging to a higher education (post secondary) account.

Google Classroom is disabled

Another method used to verify if a domain belongs to a K-12 account is the presence of Google Classroom. If your G Suite administrator has deactivated Google Classroom for any reason, you will need to have your domain added to our registry so we can validate your account as K-12.

Please note that once your domain has been registered, your G Suite or Microsoft 365 for Education Administrator will still need to accept the app permissions and deploy the app to your school’s domain through your platform’s standard admin process

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We are a K-12 school district. Please register

as K-12 in your registry

Your domains have have been added to our registry. We believe we have identified the login issue that was preventing G-Suite users from accessing SketchUp for Schools and have recently published a fix. If you’re a returning user and your G-Suite admin has reaccepted permissions for the app you should now be able to login to SketchUp for Schools.

It works! Thank you.

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Please add to the allow list for k12 (google domains associated with, Fairfax County Public Schools (VA)) and

@jsiegl We have added your domains to our registry. Your case appears to be an outlier and we are currently working with Fairfax County offline to find a resolution. I will provide an update as soon as we have more information.

Steve-Thanks-I am one of the g suite admins so please loop me in to the conversation so we can get this resolved with the lease amount of back and forth . We run a pretty tight domain, I was wondering if it was that we do not enable the classroom API and block most other APIs by default and allow when needed. I did notice that it is not possible to forcibly trust 2 of the 5 OAuth Client IDs ( and 112256747033879434418) in the security API module of G Suite

I finally deleted the app, and just this morning I re-added the app and it would finally open.

Not a real nice way to treat your existing customers.

Thanks for your help.


I apologize for my earlier outburst.

It was unprofessional.



@ed_smith Thanks for following up, I’m glad to hear that you are able to log in again. We apologize for the disruption in access to SketchUp for Schools over the past few days.

Can you confirm whether you have Super Admin privileges for G Suite? It appears that with the recent changes Google pushed that it now requires Super Admin status to accept our privacy agreement in the marketplace and we would like to confirm whether this is true for all users.

I am a super admin. And I tested it this morning and it is working, at least for me.