School project - lagging online

Hi Reddit,

We’re building sustainable cities at the moment on the online,edu version of sketch up. We’re modelling it off the Dubai sustainable city. However, after a couple of weeks of adding in housing, roads etc, it is starting to lag. Is this because it is the online version, or because I’m adding too much stuff in ‘real size’ to the land. Any suggestions? Would scaling everything to a tenth of the size (atm it is at realistic measurement size). ? Would downloading the software version fix this? Or no because it’s the computer graphics? helppppp

Do you mean in panning and orbiting? Work with layers that you can turn off. I hope you already did.

Also autosaving regularly too often can be a pain. You need to have more control over saving, so you would be better off with the desktop version isnstead of the web version.

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There is no scale in SketchUp. Everything is modeled at real-world size.
Scaling down the physical size will not improve performance.

Better modeling techniques will improve performance.
See this compendium of performance modeling tips: