Scenes vanished from Toolbox after 19Jan2020 Windows10 update. Any help will be appreciated

![image|690x194](upload://mWUotw0MrEkN1gH2B8Tjl7AFrSU.png) Add multiple images

What “toolbox” are you referring to? Which program are you talking about? SketchUp or LayOut?

What version of SketchUp are you using? Please complete your profile with the correct information. Also update the operating system shown in your profile.

What graphics card? Your profile says “4AR4CHITECT” which is not a graphics card.
Screenshot - 1_19_2020 , 3_27_28 PM

One question about the Windows update; do you mean a Windows 10 update, meaning an update of Windows 10, or do you mean you did an update from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10?

I have a Windows 10 update happening now, I will check to see if scenes is still in the toolbar area.

Is anyone else seeing some chopped off characters on the extreme right side of the text area in the OP?

Yes. There’s nothing readable in the body of the OP’s post for me.

The chopped off text is an attempted image upload.

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Here is how the text looks if it’s not chopped off (amazingly, me putting the text in here does then show the images):

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So the screen shot shows LayOut, not SketchUp. There is no “Scenes” panel in LayOut’s tray to display and there’s not supposed to be one. The Scenes panel is in SketchUp.

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Yes the latest update to long time installed Windows10

Sorry - I don’t know where my head was, probably tired after a long drive. There isn’t a problem just user error.