Scenes question

This is a 3-cabinet drawing. They are together next to each other.
One scene (scene 1) shows the three cabinets together. For the second scene (scene 2), I separated them to show that they are not physically connected, but when I got back to scene 1, it changed to separate cabinets.
How can I have the two scenes, one showing the cabinets together and the other one showing the same cabinets separated?
Thank you.

You would need to create additional copies of the cabinets and use tags to control the visibility.

The scenes can only show the locations of the objects in the model space so of course, if you move an object it will show as moved in every scene that can see it. Your scenes are kind of like having CCTV cameras placed around the model space. They just show the state of the model as it is currently.

I would create two sets of the cabinets and assign different tags to them. One set (perhaps the set with the cabinets together) would have Tag1. The other set (the set with the cabinets separated) would have Tag2. Now create Scene1 with Tag1 turned on and Tag2 turned off. Now create Scene 2 with Tag1 turned off and Tag2 turned on.

This will allow you to edit the scenes and cabinet orginazation the way you want them in each scene.

Sorry DaveR, we must have been typing at the same time. :unamused:

Thanks a lot Dave!!!

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Thank you ntxdave!!!