Scenes in present mode on iPad

Is there a way to see scenes in the present mode on an iPad? When showing a model to a client I like to have it in the present mode. I hand the iPad to the client to let them navigate through the scenes. I know the video player cycles through the scenes. I am looking for the ability to select individual scenes.
Thank you!

I had the same reaction…wanting some way to see a scene list and jump to any arbitrary one, not click Next or Previous.

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Maybe a hard press and hold on the play button brings up a horizontal scrolling list of scenes in the model?

Aaron posted this video about the present mode.

It really helped me. I’d still like to see thumb nails of the scenes but being able to click though the scenes will work.
He also explained the red circle. Very cool when presenting on a larger monitor. I now need to learn how to connect my iPad to a TV.