Scenes doubling after DXF import

Hi All~

I experienced something a new bug today. I have a model with an imported DXF floor plan. I then drew a bunch of cabinets and created maybe a dozen scenes. I then imported a DXF of the 2nd floor adjacent to the first floor dxf and I noticed that all my saved scenes duplicated. Has anyone seen this before?
Screenshot 2023-02-23 at 10.34.43 AM|690x369

Happens to me once or twice a day. Not sure if it is related to import or not, but I import a lot.

The scenes are not truly doubled, only the tabs on the top of the drawing (check your scenes tab).

Thanks BMike.
Do you delete the duplicate tabs at the top of the screen somehow or just deal with it?
If I try to delete a duplicate it deletes both the duplicate and the original.

No, I just ignore it. Or close and reopen SketchUp.

Closing and re-opening seems to do the trick. Thanks!