Scenes disappeared overnight

Hi everyone,

I’m having a hard time figuring out where my scenes disappeared to overnight.


The 4 scenes named E9 - VS1 through VS4 were missing from my model this morning. Thank goodness my boss had the model with those scenes on his laptop, so he was able to give me yesterday’s copy. Has this ever happened to anyone? Could they be hidden somehow? But as I go through the outliner, the section planes that I used to make them are not there either. So weird.

I’ve never seen scenes disappear without being deleted by the user.

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Nor have I. It’s never happened before. I can’t imagine I deleted them by accident since I already had those scenes dimensioned in layout. I love a good mystery, but not this one…LOL.

Is it possible you’ve opened an older version of the SketchUp file?

I did double check that. I opened the most recent version of it. I had made progress with the model after making those scenes, meaning I also had 9 more scenes made under E10.
(E10 - VS1 thru VS9)
I was hoping that the backup file would have the E9 scenes, but it didn’t.
So since it only lost 4 scenes. I am just remaking them. I wish I could look at a log somehow to see if it was really me that deleted them. I just want to know how it happened, know what I mean?

Two possible common reasons for this are,
you were working on several things and closed the model and when asked, chose not to save. I’ve done this on occasions because I often have a skp open when working in layout and will make modifications but not want them kept, so I have been too quick and not saved when I should have.
you left the file open and your computer rebooted over night.


Oh, interesting.
I bet my laptop rebooted. I am in the habit of saving frequently but especially after I make a scene because my models tend to Bug Splat when I try to click on a scene tab ever since we upgraded to Win 11. I got tired of reporting the crashes to support. They did try to help me out with that for a while, but that’s a different issue.

If you have it set to automatically install updates there is likelihood the computer will reboot overnight.