Scenes appear upside down in sketchup make



I am new to Sketup and have been getting used to Sketup make. Having created a simple building I wanted to animate. I created 4 scenes but each one appears upside down in the thumbnails although the correct way up on the main screen. I ran the animation - no problems and then exported it as an MP4. After 12 hours!!! the resultant video has my animation upside down. I need to post this for a course I am doing so need help to create an animation the correct way round. i have deleted all scenes and started again but still upside down scenes. HELP!!!


That would indicate that you drew the model upside down. Assuming the axes are in their default location, the solid blue axis would be running up from the origin. If you moved the axes, all bets are off.

Share the SKP file and we can give you the exact steps to fix it.


Hi DaveR

Thank you for your quick reply. have checked and solid blue axis is definately running up from origin. Will attempt to share SKP file as requested.



Still struggling. Have tried uploading from the reply screen but says file too large. My SKP file 13000kb and says max 3000kb. What can I do to share it?



You could upload it to the 3D Warehouse or see the private message I sent you for an e-mail address.


Hi Dave R

have sent it via email, sorry for delay took 3 attempts???




No worries. I’m watching for it.


Hi Dave

You are an absolute star. thanks for all your help. Can now export a video the right way up!!!