Scene referencing in 2020 Layout

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I joined this forum minutes ago in search of information regarding Layout 2020. More specifically why my referencing seems to be odd. I’ve recently updated to '20 from '19 and have noticed a few changes, but am unsuccessful in my troubleshooting.

In '19 I would copy an image of a scene from an existing page, create a new page, paste that image, and then right click to change the reference from (for example) ‘Front’ to ‘Left’. It was flawless. Now in '20 I can’t seem to get the saved and updated scene from Sketchup onto the Layout page properly!?

Has anyone else had this same problem? Or have a better way to achieve this?



I can’t say I have noticed any change in the way this works between SU 19 and SU 20. I can only tell you my workflow, which may differ from yours.

If I want to use the same SU file in a LO document with different scenes on each page, I set up the first page (normally by using Send to Layout from SU). If not already selected, I change the scene to what I want for that first page and set the scale. Let’s say it is the front elevation. To create a side elevation on the next page, I duplicate the page and then go through the same routine.

Maybe you could share a LayOut file that shows this problem.

It’s not clear exactly what procedure you are using.

I haven’t had any problem changing a viewport from one scene to another. It works as I would expect.

Hi Kal,

Have you seen this forum post here:

It sounds like your issue may be related. Can you check the SketchUp model inspector window to see if you have any overrides set on the scene you’re copying? We’ve made some changes to how overriding camera settings/styles/tags works for 2020.

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Thanks Adam. I’ll give it a go! I had heard about a change sounding similar to what your explaining, but was uncertain.

Right on Simon. It sounds like the we have the same process. My boss has used SU exclusively for years and had mentioned something similar to what is happening with my own project. All good as I’m about to try the reset Adam has mentioned.

That’s it! Perfect.

Thanks to all.