Scene Manager 2021 Compatible

Hi All

I really need a scene manager - I have 5 files of floors, each with a lot of scenes for elevations and all the plans.

I’ve just finished doing the RCP in one file and have created a load of new tags which, of course, show up in my elevation scenes.

I was wondering if something like Curic scene manager currently works with 2021 and Skalp/Profile Builder?

Anyone had this predicament?

Curic’s Scene Manager does work but I have a notions that there is another that is especially good for really large numbers of tags. Worth investigating.

Skalp and Profile Builder also work but won’t be much use for scene management/tags AFAIK.

Well this looks dodgy_

Sketchup Plugin | Scene Generator Plugin For Sketchup (

I tried out the Curic one on a copied file and it seems to work with ‘Tags’

Do tell and link to this scene manager you’re referring to.

I looked for it earlier as it was on a recent thread. Couldn’t find it though.