Scene becomes a dot after adding model from 3D Warehouse

Hi everyone! Need help.I did a pretty big car wash project. At the finish line, I downloaded a car model from 3D Warehouse and some nonsense happened. there is a dot in the middle of the screen, there are no more textures. Moving away and moving closer does nothing. The file weight remains the same, 63MB. I exited the program and reflexively clicked “save and exit”. When I went back everything remained exactly the same. Tell me, is it still possible to restore work? Or should we start again? May be someone know what i can try to restore my proje

It might be possible to fix your model. Save it but don’t close SketchUp. Upload the file to DropBox or We Transfer and share the link. Let’s see if we can get it sorted out.

I closed the program almost as soon as it happened. The problem is precisely in the model that I imported. Now I tried in another file and the same thing happened.

What is the car model that you downloaded?

nissan x-trail

every car i downloaded. But problem with x-trail

I see it in the In Model components between the 2 and 3.
Screenshot - 5_30_2024 , 8_20_18 AM
Evidently you deleted it from the model because it is removed when purging unused components.
Screenshot - 5_30_2024 , 8_20_42 AM

I was able to select another car in the model by right clicking on its thumbnail in the Components window. Then I used Zoom Selection to go to it.
Screenshot - 5_30_2024 , 8_24_19 AM
From there I could zoom out to show the rest of the model.

While looking at your model I see some incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be created and remain untagged. Only groups and components should be given tags.
Screenshot - 5_30_2024 , 8_28_01 AM
There are also a lot of unused components and materials in your model that should be purged.
Screenshot - 5_30_2024 , 8_22_02 AM
Looking at materials I see a rediculously hute texture image. It adds a ton to the SketchUp file without any benefit.
Screenshot - 5_30_2024 , 8_30_06 AM
And there are 18 instances of the BMW logo material in the model but only 4 vehhicles and they aren’t all BMWs.

Unless your car wash is specifically about BMW, I would suggest you don’t need those texture images at all.

Going forward, don’t download models from the 3D Warehouse directly into your project file. Download them into a separate SketchUp file so you can inspect them to make sure they are suitable for your needs. If required, clean them up, reduce unneeded geometry, or reject them and look for something else. When you are satisfied with the object, copy it and paste it into your project. Look at the details in the objects you are downloading. Think about whether the add anything useful to your overall project. For example, do really need the seats, steering wheel, and dashboard in the Mercedes? They can’t be seen when materials are displayed due to the blacked out windows.

Like the huge texture file and the 18 BMW logos, the interior of the vehicle is adding “weight” to your model without providing any benefit.

I purged unused content, reduce the size of that huge texture image, and removed all of the BMW logo images after recovering the view of your model. The model file size was reduced by 74%. You should find it easier to work with but before going further, I would suggest stripping out the interiors of the vehicles.
Візуалізація мийки 5 постів purged.skp (15.8 MB)

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Thank you a lot. You saved my project. Thank you for yor advices and recomendations. im newbee in this program, its my third try to make something.

You should spend some time going through the tutorials at