SCCM install question for Sketchup Pro 2017


Good morning,

I’m beginning to review Sketchup Pro 2017 for a secure network, and wondered if I could ask a few technical questions that the sales people were not sure about. Is it possible to set default install setting such as default save locations so that it will not require any network access other than the license check?

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For an individual install you can easily set file save location via Window>Preferences>Files (with import and export options).

You can then import file preferences for each install - would that be automated enough?

Otherwise someone else on the forum may be able advise whether Ruby script could be employed (I can move the post to the developers category in that case for you).


Not quite enough, but I should have stated it better. Microsoft SCCM will be downloading and installing on a number of seats, and I’ll need to make sure that all of them install the same settings. I don’t think I can script anything more fancy than SCCM’s basic .CMD scripts, but that is usually enough if the program itself doesn’t already support self packaging for network distribution.


I am out of my depth with most network issues.

I kind of got the impression you wanted install locations for the SU, but then asked about file save locations - are install locations part of the challenge?

Within SketchUp, Ruby script can be used in many ways to automate.


I understand the Ruby scripting (mostly), but you are correct that the original question is more for multi-computer installs on a network. Said another way, if I can set the program’s defaults such that it does not need an internet connection other than the license check it will be much easier to get it through the testing. But I have not found any documentation indicating what the default save location is and/or if I can change it’s default.


In SketchUp, Window>Preferences>Files, you have default save locations including models, materials, etc) which can be simply edited.

Is that what you mean?


Almost- what I want to do is set the installation options so the default will be set to local drive on all machines that it’s installed to. I’ll probably have enough time next week to download a trail copy and play with it next week.


Out of curiosity, have you been able to purchase licenses for SketchUp 2017 Pro?


That is the default option.


Oh- awesome! Thank you.