Scan Essentials new user (71 years old) tearing out what's left of my hair

I want to make a 3D model of the sheet metal building cornice that you see in this screen shot.

So I exported the Reality Capture file as an .stl file and brought it into SketchUp Pro 2021.

Scan Essentials says there is no point cloud in the drawing. In addition, the imported file appeared very dense and totally black when zoomed out. As a new user, I am unfortunately limited to only one screen shot.

Also tried Undet which wouldn’t even load any kind of file into SketchUp.

So, I am completely stuck and would heartily welcome any advice.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

In Reality Capture, go to RECONSTRUCTION ribbon > Export LoD (top right side) and change the export format from STL to PLY.

In SketchUp, Trimble Scan Essential > File open > *.PLY

  • Save Point Cloud Project and give a name.RWP

and you’ll have a point cloud.