Scan Essentials - Angled Clipping Box?

Hi Guys

Does anybody know whether it’s possible to create a clipping box in Scan Essentials with non horizontal & vertical edges.

I am trying to clip a 40mm deep section through a point cloud on a 4.5 degree slope as shown below.

Cheers, Kevin

Hi Kevin,

It is possible but not documented. The clipped volume is based on 6 planes which are stored in the definition of the Scan Essentials clipping box .

If you edit the definition and orient/move/scale these planes differently you will be able to create any box shape you want.

Regarding what you want to achieve, I recommend to create a simple cube component with 6 transparent faces. It will be easier to scale than the current one.

Also for information Scan Essentials component definitions are located in the su_pcp/skp_definitions folder.

Let me know if you need an example.


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As Jacques mentioned, the clipping box is a 6 sided object. It is a component like any other that can be moved, scaled, and rotated to a position ideal for your viewing needs


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@ChrisDizon @Jacques

Thanks for your help Guys,

After a bit of experimenting with your ideas, I find the following workflow works well:

  1. Use the ‘Create Clipping Box from Cloud Selection’ tool to create a Clipping Box at the approximate size and location required.

  2. Use the SketchUp Scale Tool to size the Clipping Box to the exact dimensions I require.

  3. Use the SketchUp Rotate and Move Tool to position the Clipping box as required.


Thanks again :grinning: