Scaling the graph paper

Hi, I’m a newbie. I chose 1:48 scale in “edit Preference”. It doesn’t seem to apply itself to the graph paper. When I draw an 18 foot’ line, it goes off the page.
I’ve chosen 11"x8" landscape paper with major gridlines=1" and 4 divisions.

The “graph paper” and lines you draw in LayOut are paper space dimensions, not scaled. You’ll have to work out the appropriate real length for the line based on the scale you’ve selected.

The proper way to do your drawing is to use SketchUp. Draw at full size (1:!) and create scenes with the camera set to Parallel Projection. Use those scenes as viewports in LayOut and set their scale in the SketchUp model inspector window.

I’m trying to learn how to draw a blueprint. I used to use Broederbond 3d Home Architect, but it doesn’t load onto Windows 10. This is really different! Any tips? or is there a YouTube video i could watch to get the basics for making blueprints?

It is very different indeed!

There are loads of videos out there. Start with this one. Getting Started with SketchUp - Part 1 - YouTube

The general idea is that you draw your house in SketchUp and use LayOut to create the documentation.

By the way, I notice your profile says you are using sketchup Make. I gather you are using the Pro trial to get LayOut. Is that right? Remember that LayOut is only available with SketchUp Pro. If you aren’t going to license Pro, you may not want to get stuck in to LayOut. After the trial expires, you won’t have access to any files you create in layOut.

Hi Dave, I am in the 30 day trial. If I can learn how to do blue prints and elevations in sketchup, I will buy the pro package. My brother is planning on building a house and a friend is doing an addition. I have built 6 houses for myself over the years and would like to build at least one more. If I get good enough, I have an engineer friend that I could free lance with… Kate

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