Scaling/squishing a section of a drawing

I’m pretty deep into this drawing and it would be a pretty large undertaking to redraw the lower part. I can group the lower section and scale it, but I do not want the rectangular outputs to move. I only want the areas below the large red area to ‘squish’ up by .100" for clearance issues. Also, since they are double walled for 3d printing, they have to move in unison. What is a good direction to go with this and is there a plugin to help?

partsfan.skp (2.9 MB)

I’d get a parallel view and select the lower part and then scale it? both the inside and outside walls wil move, I think for such a tiny adjustment this would be OK?

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I did something like that, printed it and noticed the wall was too thin on the bottom. So I hid the outside, scaled the inner wall more, then the outer. It worked, but was totally hideous. So I reworked the drawing over. Rather than using the Curviloft along path, I used Loft by spline. While it wasnt quite as elegant, it did do what I wanted and quicker than expected. also, I rounded the corners this time for cosmetics.

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