Scaling snippet question

Hi everyone,
Is there a plugin or snippet that can scale dynamic component´s lenx from insertion point to another selected component automatycally?
for example if i have a cabinet and i select it´s side than i place lets say shelve to any position the script would scale the shelve automaticaly from insertion point to to position of origin of the side?
any suggestion @pcmoor , @DanRathbun

Do not know.

It would have to be an extension as DCs only can interact with their own “parts”.

yes I thought so @DanRathbun. would be really time saver if I could just place shelve component (or any other) and it would automatically scale to next selected component’s origin. or by pulling from insertion piont to next clicked point with component’s lenx axe locked (like with shift holding when scaling). @sdmitch created scale&aling plugin that does it maybe he could know a way to achieve this easier.
thank you Dan I appreciate any of you respond.

You can use DC. Create the shelf component. In the attributes of the shelf write LenX = parent!LenX. Place the shelf inside the cabinet component. Redraw the shelf. See what happens.

It is more complicated, all (parent) components should be drawn and created with the same direction in mind. The LenX of the Parent component could contain the side panels, etc.
There might be an easier way to accomplish what needs to be done, though.

thanks @MikeWayzovski , @KScher. I have good knowledge of creating and using DC components for couple of years by now.
the thing Is that you have to first place the component than . than if you use two dividers in the cabinet and place shelve with formula lenx: divider!x-x , it would do the job only with the first divider because the second is called in component definition divider#1.
DC are great but limited . if there was tool that as I described before it wold be mutch easier to save time.
As I said @sdmitch did one called scale/align and now when I spent some time playing around with it it is very very close to what Iam mean but not exactly.
thanks lads