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I am considering purchasing the Pro version. What my needs are :
I am designing furniture and using the “scale” feature to re-assighn all the dimensions to 1/12th scale .
The free version of Sketchup I am using has 1/16" as the smallest dimension.
I am going to purchase a Dremel laser cutter and according to the info it is compatible with Sketch up.
I want to be able to dial in dimensions smaller than 1/16" preferably in decimal notations so the laser can cut very accurate pieces of thin wood so when I assemble them they will fit with as little adjustment as possible.
Does the pro version had the capacity to work below 1/16"

You should be able to set Precision to 1/64th in. in the web version as you can in the desktop versions. You could also opt for decimal inches and get precision display to 6 places right of the decimal.

That said, Precision is only a display thing. It doesn’t affect SketchUp’s ability to model at smaller dimensions. I assume you are modeling furniture at full size and then scaling down to the 1/12th scale. If the Dremel laser cutter’s software will import a Sketchup file, it won’t matter what precision you have selected. If you want to create dimensioned illustrations of your scaled down models, then you’ll need to increase Precision.

The Pro version would give you other benefits, though. CAD file import/export, Solid tools, and LayOut for creating documentation and full scaled patterns are just three.

SU Free (web) :
precision_web !

SU 2017 Make:


Finally had a chance to look at your response. Thank you it was very useful. I’ve ben hunting for a screen like the one on the e-mail, I am using a mac and don’t know if the appearance will be different. (another community member sent be a few suggestions) I am running version 8.0.16845 I am loath to upgrade as my mac does not like changes. I upgraded to Mojave on my Mac and now if I close a sketchup file the app crashes. Don’t know if I should buy the Pro version first or the Dremel, Don’t know what software comes with the Dremel.
Thanks again

There are lots of really friendly helpful people here willing to help you out, but you need to make it possible for us to help you by providing useful information.
In your Profile you have said you are using the ‘Free (Web) version 2017 I think’ so you’ve been given answers that fit that, even though there is no 2017 version of the Web version we sort of skip over that as an acceptable misunderstanding and naturally assume that you are using the Web version as you would have had to specifically choose that one when setting your profile.
But now you say you are using 8.0.16845 which I assume is the very old last of the google versions from way back and is a desktop version not a web version, so the answers would be quite different.

From memory (from using SU8 on Windows) you should be looking for the Units under Model info, which is most likely found by going to the menu at the top of the workspace Window/Model Info/Units.

Please work out what you have and fill in your profile correctly so that we have a chance of helping.

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