Scaling methods

Why in SketchUp program, when scaling components with the mouse, everything is normal (fixed dimensions do not change), but when entering the scaling size in millimeters from the keyboard, some fixed dimensions change? In the settings, millimeters are set, after the size mm I add. Please tell me where the error could be?

please upload the model

Comp.skp (198.6 KB)

The objects require a redraw in this current form, the external changes are not triggering the DC settings. this is due selecting the five components, then scale with a external change
If you make the selection a component “carcass”, then should self trigger after a external change, failing this a DC can be forced to redraw by adding a sub group that makes a calculation, even if meaningless. a fixed size hidden swatch will serve this and storage.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I just started learning the program and it seems a bit difficult for me so far. I guess I’ll put it off for a while and come back to them a little later. Thanks again for your reply.
P.S. If it is not difficult for you, could you send me the corrected file ) If not, I will understand.