Scaling is not correct

Hi I am very new to sketchup and currently completing an assignment. I am trying to transfer my floorplan from sketchup to layout however when i select 1:100 it is enlarged. I have confirmed the settings are all correct on sketchup but a hazard keeps appearing. This is on an A3 page. All set on mm in sketchup as well. Any help will be appreciated

Add dimensions to the sofa in SketchUp (update the file)

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Thank you! It is actually an entire floorplans I am trying to transfer. The side of the couch is how enlarged it becomes when I select 1:100

Yes, I understand what you want to do, I just told you to add dimensions to that sofa in SketchUp model and re-enter to Layout with those dimensions visible.

Please share the LayOut file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and help you get it sorted.