Scaling is losing alignment

Please help. I have a test file created that is not resizing as expected. When I resize the dynamic component “assy” length from 44 to any other dimension the overall lenght no longer matches LenX. The 2 faces also loose alignment between the components “upright” and “middle” on the left side. What am I doing wrong? Is it necessary to input formulas to do the math rather than have sketchup do the calculations to maintain alignment. Appears to me an order of operations issue between the parent/child components and I’m not sure how sketchup functions to resolve the issue and make it function as I want. For a simple case as this it is simple enough to create math function to resize and position, but I would rather not do that for more complex planned assemblies. Can someone help me resolve how to build this constrained dynamic component assemblies?test1.skp (21.8 KB)

Yes, or all gets confused.

Minimal dependencies are required. For instance the LenX of the Parent Component should not be dependent on it’s OWN width- attribute, you can let SketchUp derive it from it’s childrens, automatically.

The position of the children are ‘calculated’ from the lengths of the siblings, not the Parent’s!
The only variable length, ‘the middle’- component, get’s its length from the Parent:

You should set the (total) length via the Components Option, it is more user-friendly:

test1.skp (28.3 KB)

Thanks, looks like the solution is manually create mating constraints using the position attributes. More work than I was hoping, but not the end of the world. Is there a way to do spreadsheet editing to create and edit attributes? I can’t find a good reference on how to do it.

check this thread: