Scaling down curves

I am trying to create a button to place on a jewel box lid as a handle. I can successfully create it in a scaled up version in SU and it passes the Solid Inspector2 test, but when I scale it down even by 80% (I need to scale it down 90%), I get hundreds of short edges. Scaling up worked well in rectilinear objects; is there an equivalent trick for curves?

Pawn peg 2 021217.skp (1.1 MB)
Pawn peg 2 021217 scaled .2.skp (1.1 MB)

I’m not sure what steps you followed. In the attached animation, I

  • select all using drag box
  • create a component
  • show that it is solid
  • activate the scale tool and select the diagonal corner scale handle to scale uniformly all axes
  • move the cursor and then type 0.1 to scale 90%
  • do zoom-extents (which over-zooms because the gif capture is showing only part of the view
  • zoom manually to get back to sensible
  • activate xray to show that there are no spurious things generated

I’m also not seeing your issue.
I’ve purged the model removing 25 or so unused components which reduced the file size considerably.

Pawn peg 2 Box.skp (109.2 KB)

Thanks. This worked for me. I wasn’t making it a component. Rookie error. I appreciate the help.

BTW, I can’t see what is happening with tools in the animation – that part is cut off. I’ve had trouble seeing the animations before. The narrative was what I needed, though.

Thanks again,


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Yeah, that’s a limitation of the screen capture tool I use (LiceCap) vs the max size the forum will accept as an animation attachment. I’m on a Mac, so I can’t create custom toolbars and sometimes it isn’t possible to frame everything as I would like.

Thanks. I think my computer may be a problem, too.

No it’s in all versions, look in the default tray.
Strange, this comment is in the wrong thread, I wrote it in this one and it seems to have jumped.