Scaling anomaly with downloaded home models

I downloaded some suburban homes from the warehouse and need to scale them. I have a group of 4 together and grouped them. When I go to scale them up proportionately, the windows float off into space and are not scaling with the model. Series of screenshots show then original homes, then selected and grouped, then I scale them, get an alert message and behind it you can see the windows have “detached” from the homes. What the heck’s going on? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Most likely an issue with a component/dynamic component in the houses. If you share the model then we can likely take a look and tell you exactly what is happening!

Awesome, here you go. Thanks Aaron.suburb homes.skp (2.5 MB)

The windows in the houses are dynamic components. @TheOnlyAaron made a good guess.

If you just want the windows to scale along with the rest so you can make a quick neighborhood, you need to remove the dynamic quality of the components.

You could right click on one window and choose instances-select all, this should select all the windows then you right click again and use explode until they are all reduced to raw geometry. If you are not planning on altering the houses ever this is quick.

You could move the houses into a separate file temporarily and use the extension “Bomb All” to explode everything present (the nuke option).

or use an extension to convert them to standard components:

Thanks all for the tips and help. It’s a constant learning process :slight_smile:

Endless Fix,

Not having success with right clicking on one window, etc. So I thought I’d try eneroth’s extension. Downloaded it and installed via Extension Manager, however it remains greyed out under my extensions menu when I try to access it. I’ve selected the the top four homes as they are grouped but still it’s greyed out. Any ideas?


I’m on my phone so I can’t examine the model, but I’ll take a guess. For any of these methods to work you will need to select the window component. Components and Groups are like wrappers that contain geometry. Once enclosed in a wrapper the geometry is protected from editing (this is the quick version). To edit a group or component double left click on it or right click and select edit. Wrappers can be contained within wrappers. So to access the windows you may need to drill down inside the wrappers, open the outer group of the whole set of houses, then open one of the houses, then see if you can select a window, if not keep opening till you can. Once the window is selected then try the methods.

File > Save as > Save as type > SKP version 6
Save the file as SketchUp v.6. Open again and scale your model.
suburb homes v6.skp (962.6 KB)

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It’s true, saving model as a Sketchup version 6 (which predates dynamic components an so will wipe that data) is a quick and creative method. Save as and choose Sketchup6 from the list at the bottom.

However, a good understanding of the nature of groups and components is really fundamental to succeeding in Sketchup and this might be a chance to grow your knowledge.

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Thanks Endless. And thanks mihai.s for the video. Both very helpful, especially the saving as older version. Agree though with understanding groups and components is key to success in Sketchup. Thansk again all for all the helpful information. Cheers!

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I have always had that behavior happen time to time on some NON-dynamic but gluing components when the surface is resized, particularly glued window and door components, though I never do the overall scale procedure you are trying