Scaling a house plan

Hy everyone. I am having some problems with scaling a plan for a house. I am currently drawing a floor from a 2D plan and I am having some troubles with scaling because google SketchUp doesn’t upload my plan with the original scale corresponding to the real house measures. Does anyone have any solution for this excluding trial and error method? Thank you very much!!

I am importing a JPEG as an image. Unfortunetly I am because I am using openstudio and energy plus plugins and it was the only version that I had free access with all compatible versions. It’s actually a very simple thing to do so it’s not necessary more than this version

Maybe the video will help you.
If I understand correctly your problem.

Jpegs don’t have a scale, they are bitmaps, not vector data, so you have to scale them once you import.

Also, just for future reference, Google sold off SketchUp nearly a decade ago. You can just call it SketchUp or Trimble SketchUp at this point.

You are partially right, but since BarbaraOliveira is using version 7, there is not really a mistake if she call it as Google SketchUp… :wink:

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It solved my problem, thank you very much!!

Thank you!

D’oh!!! A loophole!!! I was so wrong!