Scale tool Question

How can you scale with inches when using the scale tool. The tool works fine when you input measurements in feet But when you hit the shift key to go to inches it reverts back to scale.

Start scaling in the desired direction then let go of the mouse button before trying to type the distance with the ".

In addition to what DaveR said…

Release the mouse-button and then immediately start typing in the desired numbers, finally add the units suffix [in your case "] then press [enter].
Do nothing else.
Do NOT pick in the Measurements box, this will exit the tool and freeze the Scale tool’s previous value.
Do NOT pick another tool, this will freeze the Scale tool’s previous value.
If you do not add units suffix the value is taken as a ‘ratio’…

Thanks I will try that

A further wrinkle, at least on Mac: you must click again in the model (which will complete the scale, but don’t worry) before you can press the shift key to enter the quote symbol used for feet. The size set by the initial click will be replaced by what you type.